I'm Doing This All Wrong

First, a blog should state a purpose.  How else do I maximize the amount of clicks to obtain a steady advertising budget? Everyone knows you need to create content with a standard purpose. 

So, I though of creating a blog on a set of topcs where I feel I could share my expert knowledge . But no one really wants to read about drinking hot strawberry Quik while reading a good ebook. And then I could describe how sometimes I sit by a window and listen to my neighbors discuss the joys of suburban lawn care.  

Blog post two: it sometimes rains.

 And that's the end of that Squarespace site.  Because the same people who demand a central theme all know -no one wants to hear about hot Ovaltine. That's been so overdone.

 So despite the experts and the millions of dollars I'm leaving on the table , I'm writing a website, sharing my projects, and letting you look at some of my photos.

 Because I like to share. Because I believe some of these stories or observations here will find meaning.

 And if they don't, I'm still going to write them anyway.

 So, give these posts a look - if you want. And if you like what you see, come back. I really need the practice. So, I'll keep writing either way.  

 And just so you know, microwave milk on high for 1 minute 42 seconds - add two scoops of strawberry Quik, stir - and let out a content sigh for one of the best quiet moments of your life.

Repast of Champions

Repast of Champions