A Case For Mindfullness

Follow the breathe and let go... 


To be truthful, I am a big fan of mindfullness. It’s the scientific word for mediation. I have to say it like that so my current employer doesn’t hit me with another drug test:

”We’ve been reading your blog, hippy. So pee in the cup. You ain’t in Denver.” 

I’ve been a fan so far. It’s very good at teaching me that I don’t need to react to the many thoughts in my head brought on by everyday life or just too much tea. 

I have an app on my phone called Mindspace. It has a narrator who sounds a lot more relaxed than I do.    Which leads me to believe he doesn’t have kids.

A lot of people feel they don’t have enough time to take 10 - 20 minutes out of your day to make this happen. I disagree. All you need are dark glasses and a company that likes to schedule too many meetings.