Just a quick note to my friends and loved ones...

I finished playing Persona 5.

I will rejoin the human race and try my attempt at social links...I mean rejoin my loved ones and friends.


I loved this game. And I also know what it sounds like to the outside world. Japanese role playing games within a high school environment is a tough conversstion starter. It's on the same level as, "Oh, cool! You have an infectious disease too!"

And when your age is a few years shy of 50 - my daughter said it best. It's creepy. Well, I love good stories - and this one has it.  And if I have to wear the "Creepy" label so be it. It won't be as bad as accidentally walking into the wrong bathroom at an amusement park. Maybe...

Currently, I'm waiting in line to donate blood. And there's someone here from the Cleveland Browns to help push the sharing of plasma. Sadly, I have no ideas who he is or what he does - but I'm pretty sure he's never played Persona 5. So, I'm going to keep waiting in line. 

That is unless I want to go for the Platinum achievement on the Playstation which would mean another 4 months before I post again.