Deck The Halls With

And we're off to the races! Ladies and Gentlemen, the shopping holidays have begun.  And being tired, lazy, full of turkey, I'm just sharing these thoughts for you to share with your loved ones who are trying to get you off your cell phone: 

Quest for Parking! The Lord of the Mall Lot Dings. 

The Negotiations for Giving Gifts to Those Relatives Who You Swore You Were Not Talking To Since They Brought Up The Election On Thanksgiving!  And You Told Them Not To, Right, MOM!  MOTHER, ARE YOU LISTENING! 

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

I Don't Care If You Got the Tree Half Off Because You Noticed What Those Chipmunks Did In There.

We, Don't Want To Hear It Since You Did All Your Shopping At Amazon in Less Than One Week During Christmas!

Who's The One in the Family Who Keeps Ordering All The Pea Soup and You Know It's Not Vegan or Organic!

Remember When Time Off Meant Sleeping In

So What Restaurant Do We Need to Hook Up Ruin Chik-Fil-A's Reputation So It Can Be Open On Sunday. 

....okay I have to stop now Brenda is taking the Cherry Pepsi away from me and telling me to wait in the car.

Dear Bill

When I was learning how to manage a bookstore, one of my mentors told me, "No matter the bad news, always accent the positive." 

I don't want to downplay the pain those of us who are going through layoffs or early retirements brought on economic change or greedy folks who want a bigger bonus. But I think the nonsense we've seen in this election is a bit much for everyone. 

So with this I recommend everyone to treat the links, emails, alerts, or headlines like we do for that aunt who could never see a sunny day despite living in southern California. Just smile and nod and wish them a good day. Another mentor of mine taught me to never let the bastards get you down. 

Remember, we once had someone who took time to write a great letter to his former opponent. 


I'm Doing This All Wrong

First, a blog should state a purpose.  How else do I maximize the amount of clicks to obtain a steady advertising budget? Everyone knows you need to create content with a standard purpose. 

So, I though of creating a blog on a set of topcs where I feel I could share my expert knowledge . But no one really wants to read about drinking hot strawberry Quik while reading a good ebook. And then I could describe how sometimes I sit by a window and listen to my neighbors discuss the joys of suburban lawn care.  

Blog post two: it sometimes rains.

 And that's the end of that Squarespace site.  Because the same people who demand a central theme all know -no one wants to hear about hot Ovaltine. That's been so overdone.

 So despite the experts and the millions of dollars I'm leaving on the table , I'm writing a website, sharing my projects, and letting you look at some of my photos.

 Because I like to share. Because I believe some of these stories or observations here will find meaning.

 And if they don't, I'm still going to write them anyway.

 So, give these posts a look - if you want. And if you like what you see, come back. I really need the practice. So, I'll keep writing either way.  

 And just so you know, microwave milk on high for 1 minute 42 seconds - add two scoops of strawberry Quik, stir - and let out a content sigh for one of the best quiet moments of your life.

Repast of Champions

Repast of Champions