History Of Rome Podcasts

There is no reason for anyone to listen to AM/FM radio. Not in a world where we have….PODCASTS. 

For those of you who have trouble setting your automatic coffee maker, (not being mean here…we all have different talents) - a Podcast is like your own radio show created around a subject. There are many ways to subscribe to them. Like this link here: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/555-best-podcast-apps.html

But I would like to shout out to a really interesting one regarding The History of Rome.  Mike Duncan has a new book coming out regarding the same subject. 

To be honest - I haven’t heard them all yet. But it’s worth a listen on your mobile device while you clean your house, garden, shopping, or need to pretend to pay attention to a loved one. 

Just a quick note to my friends and loved ones...

I finished playing Persona 5.

I will rejoin the human race and try my attempt at social links...I mean rejoin my loved ones and friends.


I loved this game. And I also know what it sounds like to the outside world. Japanese role playing games within a high school environment is a tough conversstion starter. It's on the same level as, "Oh, cool! You have an infectious disease too!"

And when your age is a few years shy of 50 - my daughter said it best. It's creepy. Well, I love good stories - and this one has it.  And if I have to wear the "Creepy" label so be it. It won't be as bad as accidentally walking into the wrong bathroom at an amusement park. Maybe...

Currently, I'm waiting in line to donate blood. And there's someone here from the Cleveland Browns to help push the sharing of plasma. Sadly, I have no ideas who he is or what he does - but I'm pretty sure he's never played Persona 5. So, I'm going to keep waiting in line. 

That is unless I want to go for the Platinum achievement on the Playstation which would mean another 4 months before I post again. 

Deck The Halls With

And we're off to the races! Ladies and Gentlemen, the shopping holidays have begun.  And being tired, lazy, full of turkey, I'm just sharing these thoughts for you to share with your loved ones who are trying to get you off your cell phone: 

Quest for Parking! The Lord of the Mall Lot Dings. 

The Negotiations for Giving Gifts to Those Relatives Who You Swore You Were Not Talking To Since They Brought Up The Election On Thanksgiving!  And You Told Them Not To, Right, MOM!  MOTHER, ARE YOU LISTENING! 

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

I Don't Care If You Got the Tree Half Off Because You Noticed What Those Chipmunks Did In There.

We, Don't Want To Hear It Since You Did All Your Shopping At Amazon in Less Than One Week During Christmas!

Who's The One in the Family Who Keeps Ordering All The Pea Soup and You Know It's Not Vegan or Organic!

Remember When Time Off Meant Sleeping In

So What Restaurant Do We Need to Hook Up Ruin Chik-Fil-A's Reputation So It Can Be Open On Sunday. 

....okay I have to stop now Brenda is taking the Cherry Pepsi away from me and telling me to wait in the car.